The Benefits of WordPress Website

Depending uwordpress websitepon how interested you are in web design or how active you are with your business’ brand and marketing, you may have heard about WordPress. When it comes to webdesign, there are a great deal of questions must ask.

  • Do I build the site myself?
  • Do I hire someone to build it?
  • What do I use to build it?
  • How do I maintain it?
  • and more

These questions are all very important to ask. The problem is that they often lead to even more questions. Why not choose a solution that has the flexibility to answer all of those questions? When you consider building a website. I strongly suggest using WordPress. Isn’t WordPress a blogging tool? Let me explain.

What is WordPress exactly?

It is a content management system. It is a webpage builder. It is a blogging tool. It is so much more. Take a look at this video to get a better understanding of the basics of WordPress.

Benefits of WordPress

  • very customizable
  • accessible to novices and professionals
  • the content management system is free
  • build from scratch or manipulate templates
  • SEO friendly
  • millions of plugins for functionality

The benefits of this tool are endless. Don’t get me wrong there are alternatives but WordPress is the most popular to both novices and developers alike. This means that the support is constant. There is a never ending stream of user friendly solutions.

What does this functionality mean for you?

Because of everything this program has to offer, it is the best choice for businesses small and large. Often when company’s hire someone to build or rebuild a webpage for them, they have to deal with the incompatibility of the original code. Not every web designer makes pages the same way. It may look the way you want on the browser but the code to create it can be accomplished a lot of different ways. All of these different ways effect you the customer in good and bad ways. The use of a content management system like WordPress allows you a certain degree of standardization. You can hire someone to build it and you can stick with that person or simply find someone else who knows how to use WordPresss. Also, because WordPress utilizes CSS and a template based look and feel, you can easily freshen up the look of your site as the years go on.

These templates are not the old fashioned templates you might think of negatively. Though there are 1000’s of pre-made templates out there. There is a good deal of manipulation that must be used. Also, templates are custom designed for clients by most web designers. Once a template has been created, it makes adding future content easier as you have the desired function you want for your business.

No matter what you are looking to achieve with your business WordPress has the tools, functionality and scalability you will need for your growing endeavor.

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