SEO Creation – Video

Enhanced SEO with Video

In an effort to work on the SEO for my client, we had a video produced for a tour of a Beaver Lake Home, in Merton WI. This lake property is amazing by itself but we wanted to display it in a way that will let it shine. My client focuses on high end and luxury buyers. Through the use of a well produced video utilizing and upbeat soundtrack, we are able to achieve a smooth look and feel. This creates a positive result in many fields.

  • This paints the home in a modern light.
  • Allows perspective buyers to see the home as a POV walk through.
  • Enhanced SERP rankings

Youtube video postings increase SEO resultsyoutube seo

Embedded video is an excellent marketing tool but it is also a very effective method of increasing backlinking and multiple gateways to funnel potential clients to your page. A well optimized youtube video posting is the first start. Then it is important to share the video to major social networks. It is especially important to share with networks that allow for follow backlinks and have a solid page rank.

If you happen to be interested in the home you see in this video, you can visit the lake home property posting.

If you are interested in learning more about how youtube videos like this can be produced and/or contribute to your advanced SEO plan and better SERP rankings, contact us today.