What is wordpress?

You may have heard of WordPress, you may have not. WordPress was released in 2003 as a blogging tool. WordPress is much more than a blogging tool… much, much more. It is one of the most popular content management systems and website “builders” around. It enables everyone from newbie novices to long time programmers to design, build, and manage blogs and websites. 

Why use wordpress?

  • SEO friendly – clean code, plugins, and more
  • you can make simple changes w/o outside support
  • social media integration
  • website and blog in one
  • mobile friendly web design

Pinpoint Marketing prefers to utilize WordPress as our platform but it is not required. All of our sites start with a unique and custom designed WordPress friendly template that you can maintain with ease once it is up and running. We can build HTML sites too but only by special request. Why mess with a good thing?

Our WordPress Sites:

All of our WordPress sites come with the following:

  • keyword analysis
  • keyword optimization
  • business emails
  • responsive design
  • social networking integration
  • calls to action
  • contact forms

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