Website Development

Website Development Process

Pinpoint Marketing’s website development process follows the standards developed of years of successful design. Web design and the look and feel of websites is a fluid process. We are constantly learning and changing the way in which we develop your site so that it fits the needs of the market. We also change with the styles and applications of the modern web.

Website Development Tools

Pinpoint Marketing prefers to use a proven method of web development that we have created through our years of experience. We utilize WordPress as our preferred content management system. This enables our clients to benefit from the built in SEO benefits as well as the portability of control and design. We can work within your CMS or others methods of design as well.


Web Development Outlined

  • Learn

                         – meet with client

                         – analyze need

                         – discuss budget

  • Plan

                         – determine timeline

                         – discuss expectations

  • Design

                         – start homepage concept

                         – color scheme

                         – layout

  • Code
  • Launch

                         – upload design to CMS

                         – discuss client’s role

                         – tweak as needed

  • Maintain

                         – client education

                         – SEO manipulation

                         – PPC campaigns


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